The Australian parent-child astrological research project

Author: Brady, B.
Abstract: This paper is the result of research conducted on a database of the horoscopes of Australian parents and their children. The work was stimulated by Michel Gauquelin’s hereditary work, which I judged had not really considered the traditional horoscopic associations that can link one chart to another. These associations, such as rulership of a planet over a sign, exaltation and angularity, are additional ways in which an astrological influence can be represented from one generation to another. This research paper explores these types of relationships. The results indicate that the astrological concepts of old rulership seem to be more influential than new rulerships when establishing a correlation between the charts of parents and their children. This holds true over a range of different experiments. However, the most interesting result in the entire project came from the ancient Greek disused technique called the noddings of the Moon. This gives surprisingly strong results when the mother’s chart is considered. The data can also be examined via sorting by the gender of the child, as well as their order of birth. This proves to be quite important, with a consistent emphasis over most of the projects showing that the first-born child’s chart contains a greater frequency of correlations.
Keywords: Gauquelin, old rulership, noddings, first-born child.
Keywords: Gauquelin, hereditary, parent, child, noddings of the Moon
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association research journal in astrology
Issue: Volume 20 Issue 2
Dated: 2002
Pages: Pages 4 – 37

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