The Lichtenberger Prophecy and Melanchthon’s Horoscope for Luther

Author: Jürgen G.H. Hoppmann
Abstract: The Reformation coincided with a boom in the publication of astrological almanacs and astrology became a potent means of propagandising for differing political positions. One of the most notable Reformation astrologers was Philipp Melanchthon (1497-1560), professor of Greek at Wittenberg from 1518, where he became one of Martin Luther’s closest friends and collaborators. In 1521 he briefly found himself leader of the Reformation when Luther was confined in the Wartburg. His interest in astrology and his position at the centre of the Reformation raises important questions concerning the possible use of astrological forecasts of the Reformation’s future course. Martin Luther’s birth chart was to become a focus of debate amongst astrologers who wished to establish whether he was a new messiah or the Anti-Christ.
Publication: Culuture and Cosmos
Issue: Vol 1 No 2
Dated: Winter/Autumn 1997
Pages: 49 – 59

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