The Lure of Egypt or How to Sound Like a Reliable Source

Author: Joanna Komorowska
Abstract: The paper will briefly outline the manner in which the authority of the ancient Egyptians is invoked in several surviving astrological works of antiquity, with the focus on the second century works of Vettius Valens and Claudius Ptolemy, representatives of two vastly differing approaches toward the astrological lore. Consequently, the argument shall involve the question of Valens’ alleged Egyptian travels and the stance he assumes with respect to Nechepso and Petosiris, to end with the discussion of Ptolemy’s way of dealing with the inherited tradition. It will be shown that while sharing in some general tendencies and, moreover, facing the same tension between the contrasting urges of tradition vs. innovativeness, the two astrologers choose separate ways to extricate themselves from the dilemma.
Keywords: Egyptian, Vettius Valens, Claudius Ptolemy, Nechepso, tradition versus innovativeness
Publication: Astrology and the Academy: papers from the inaugural conference of the Sophia Centre (published by C
Dated: 2004
Pages: 147 – 158

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