The Mars Effect Controversy

Author: Kenneth Irving
Abstract: From the conclusions on KI-37, after reviewing a variety of studies which have attempted to disprove Gauquelin’s findings:

“So forty years after Michel Gauquelin first announced the discovery of his planetary effects to the world, and twenty seven years after the beginning of the Mars effect controversy, we see Gauquelin’s findings are essentially as he specified them in his first two books. The sideshow of the controversy continues even as I write this, but the voice of the debunker hustling his own version of the truth is like a carnival barker and beginning to crack.”
Keywords: Gauquelin, Mars Effect, Skepticism, Athletes
Notes:Each of the authors, Ertel and Irving contribute separately authored sections to this book
Publication: This is the first chapter of S. Ertel and K. Irving’s book “The Tenacious Mars Effect” published by
Dated: 1996
Pages: 1-44

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