The moon and rainfall: a report of research carried out by D.A. Bradley, M.A. Woodbury and Glenn W. Brier

Author: N/A
Abstract: The full version of an article by Garth Allen published in American Astrology, July, 1968 discusses and presents the findings of these researchers. In this summary of the article, detailes are presented of research showing a remarkable correlation between the phases of the moon and rainfall in the United States, covering the period from 1900 to 1949. (See also “Harmonic Analsyis” a comment by John Addey, Correlation 2 Winter 1968-1969 pp 7-8)
Keywords: moon, rainfall, weather, precipitation, moon’s nodes, lunar phase, apogee, perigee, gravitational
Publication: Correlation old edition
Issue: 1
Dated: Autumn 1968
Pages: 5-7

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