The pineal gland and the ancient art of Iatromathematica

Author: Dr. Frank McGillion
Abstract: The medical astrologers of Ancient Greece: the iatromathematici, and the later European physician-astrologers, assumed a correlation between events in the heavens and those on earth that was relevant to both health and disease. Some of the early practitioners of modern scientific medicine did the same under the aegis of what we might term proto-cosmobiology, though none of them could provide an adequate mechanism to explain the nature of the link they believed existed between the skies and ourselves. With the discovery and elucidation of the pineal gland’s functions in the mid-twentieth century, which are discussed in detail, we were in a position to provide such a link, and to a great extent, we can now explain in conventional scientific terms how those influences of the Sun, Moon, planets and other celestial phenomena studied by the early iatromathematici and early cosmobiologists could, can, and do, affect us.
Keywords: pineal gland, melatonin, astrology, geomagnetism, planetary influences
Publication: Correlation Journal of research in astrology
Issue: Volume 21 Number 1
Dated: 2002/2003
Pages: pp 45-61

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