The tenacious Mars effect: an analysis of three attempts to refute it

Author: Suitbert Ertel
Abstract: From the Conclusion on p. SE46:

“The Mars effect, having shaken off three skeptics’ attacks, needs to be reassessed by those who failed to disarm it. For the skeptic committees this should not pose much of a problem. They merely need to live up to their own principles of ‘methodological skepticism’ … The present study has shown that the results do survive all rechecks. Are the researchers now ready to accept planetary correlations as an objective for science?”

Ertel’s argument is that when the new studies by the skeptics are carefully considered and interpreted, Gauquelin’s original findings are supported.
Keywords: Mars Effect, Gauquelin, Skeptics, Athletes
Notes:Ertel and Irving contribute separate sections to this book
Publication: The Tenacious Mars Effect book published by The Urania Trust, 396 Caledonian Road, London N1 1DN, En
Issue: ISBN 1 871 989 15 9
Dated: 1996
Pages: SE1-SE61

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